Rick Slifer draws on nearly 25 years of insurance and financial services experience to serve his clients. Rick specializes in optimizing safe money investing, while aligning himself with some of the top financial advisors to provide optimal planning for all those he works with. He understands the concern of his clients to protect what they have accumulated, while still allowing for asset growth. The key to his planning process is in understanding the client.

During his career, he has trained and assisted other insurance and financial professionals in concepts and solutions to protect their clients’ retirement futures.  Rick has personally assisted over 1,000 clients in the implementation of financial programs designed to meet individual and unique dreams, desires, and goals.

A relationship with Heritage Insurance Professionals provides you access to:

  • Safe investments to protect and preserve retirement savings
  • Income strategies that cannot be outlived
  • Legacy planning for the people and organizations you care most about

If your situation requires more comprehensive planning, Rick can assist and provide access from the simplest to most complex investment strategies.

As you continue your financial journey, Rick Slifer stands ready to serve.